Quick Answer: Is Republic TV A BJP Channel?

Who is the No 1 news channel in India?

Republic Bharat India’s most-watched Hindi news channel As per the latest weekly data released by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), Republic Bharat has garnered 14.38% of the market share, as opposed to Aaj Tak’s 13.89%..

Does Arnab Goswami own republic TV?

Arnab Goswami (born 7 March 1973) is an Indian news anchor, who is the managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic Media Network. Goswami’s Republic Media Network presently owns and operates two channels namely Republic TV in English and Republic Bharat in Hindi.

Is Republic TV funded by BJP?

Republic TV was funded in part by Asianet (ARG Outlier Asianet News Private Limited), which was primarily owned by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a then-independent member of Rajya Sabha who had political links with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and was vice-chairman of the National Democratic Alliance in Kerala.

Who is the CFO of Republic TV?

S SundaramFormer Times Network CFO S Sundaram has been appointed as the Group Chief Financial Officer at Arnab Goswami’s media venture Republic TV.

Who owns NDTV India?

New Delhi Television LimitedNDTV India (styled as NDTV इंडिया) is a Hindi news channel in India that is owned by New Delhi Television Limited. In June 2016 NDTV decided to launch two separate channels called NDTV India and NDTV Spice in the United Kingdom.

What are the top 10 news channels?

ChannelsFox News Channel.MSNBC.CNN.Blaze TV.Free Speech TV.Fusion.InfoWars.Newsmax TV.More items…

Is Republic TV members of NBA?

And even though Republic TV is not a member of the NBA and does not subscribe to our Code, we still take strong exception to cases filed against its editorial staff.

What is the salary of Arnab Goswami?

Salary Arnab Goswami Dailysalary Apr 2020: Arnab Goswami salary: 1 crore rupees per month.

Who is Arnab Goswami wife?

Samyabrata Ray GoswamiArnab Goswami/Wife

Who is highest paid anchor in India?

6 Highest Paid News Anchors In IndiaRavish Kumar (Earning: 2.25 crores per annum) … Arnab Goswami (Earning: Approx 12 crore per annum) … Barkha Dutt (Earning: 3.5 crores per annum) … Sudhir Chaudhary (Earning: 4 crores per annum) … Rajdeep Sardesai (Earning: 10 crores per annum) … Anjana Om Kashyap (Earning: Approx 1 crore)

What is the full form of CFO?

A chief financial officer (CFO) is the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company. The CFO’s duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions.

Is NDTV banned in India?

In 2016, the Hindi language news channel NDTV India was banned by the government on allegations that the channel had threatened national security. … The ban was withdraw the following day, after popular outcry, protests from journalists and widespread criticism including from the Editor’s Guild of India.

Is Arnab Goswami rich?

He is one of the most recognised television personalities in India. It is also said that you can hate him or you can love him but you can’t ignore Mr. Arnab Goswami….Arnab Goswami Net Worth.NameArnab GoswamiNet Worth (2021)$ 54 MillionNet Worth In Indian Rupees395 Crore INRProfessionIndian AnchorMonthly Income And Salary1.5 Crore +2 more rows•Jan 25, 2021