Question: Do Universities Accept Igcse?

Is Igcse harder than SAT?

In case, you are referring to SAT subject tests, they are harder than IGCSEs and somewhat equivalent to and easier than A Level subjects.

IGCSE refers to a curriculum while SAT is a standardised test taken in order to get into colleges..

Is Igcse Recognised in Canada?

IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds. … Leading US and Canadian universities require Cambridge International AS and A Levels, but some US and Canadian colleges and universities will accept learners with five Cambridge IGCSEs at grade C or above.

Do Indian universities accept Igcse?

All Indian Boards and Universities accept IGCSE as equivalent to SSC/ICSE/CBSE. The IGCSE programme has worldwide status and credibility. In India, the course is delivered in over 130 schools with the number rising each year.

Why is Igcse bad?

Secondly, IGCSE students can’t score 90% or above as easily as students of other boards due to the differences in evaluation of the papers. This in turn causes problems during the time of admissions and there are chances you might not get into the college you wish to get into because of the high cutoffs.

How many subjects are required for Igcse?

5 subjectsIGCSE specifically consists of 5 subject groups. Students studying in these schools are expected to select a minimum of 5 subjects to qualify for taking the exams. Students who select seven subjects stand to gain an additional qualification, known as the International Certificate of Education or ICE.

Do universities prefer Igcse or GCSE?

In short, there is no agreement on whether either qualification will be better for your uni application. Cambridge International Examinations, who developed the IGCSE, say that all UK universities treat the IGCSE as equivalent to the GCSE.

What is the hardest Igcse subject?

Toughest would be physics, triple science, maths (extended), international mathematics, biology, geography, English literature and art.

What is the easiest GCSE?

The Top 10 Easiest GCSEsModern foreign languages – 63.9% of students achieving As or above. … Classical subjects – 63.3% of students achieving As or above. … Additional maths – 56.6% of students achieving As or above. … Irish – 44.3% of students achieving As or above. … Chemistry – 42.3% of students achieving As or above.More items…•

What is the easiest subject in Igcse?

The Easiest GCSE Subjects to PassModern foreign languages. With a pass rate of almost 90%, it’s clear that these are amongst the easiest to pass! … Sciences. Science subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics (alongside any Combined versions) are also some of the easiest subjects to pass at GCSE. … English literature. … Music. … Religious studies.

What is a good Igcse score?

A B in IGCSE is considered pretty good. The three main grades which Universities really like are A*, A and B. Of course you could always strive for a higher grade (through a recheck or a retest). That being, your B is great as it’s one of highest (3rd highest grade possible).

Do universities look at Igcse?

Many universities and colleges look at GCSE and IGCSE results as an indicator of previous academic achievement, together with predicted grades as A Level or IBDP.

Do Turkish universities accept Igcse?

University Acceptance Some universities (and especially here in Turkey) accept IGCSE as a stand-alone certificate, meaning that you could have the chance to enter university two years early (depending on the course you are taking and the university you are applying to).

How many Igcse subjects are required in Egypt?

eight O.L. subjectsTo qualify for admission to Egyptian universities, the I.G.C.S.E. graduates need to have passed a minimum of eight O.L. subjects, plus one A.L. subject or two A.S. subjects, if they aim to join certain faculties, such as Medicine and Engineering.

What are the easiest A levels to pass?

A-level Film Studies. A-level Film Studies is the easiest A level subject. … A-level Food Studies. With an extremely high pass rate of 98.5% most students breeze through A-level Food Studies. … A-level Archaeology. … A-level Drama. … A-level Psychology. … A-level Geography. … A-level Media Studies. … A-level Law.More items…•